Speed Darlington strips trousers at airport after being confronted for wearing military camouflage

created by photogrid

A video captures the moment singer Speed Darlington strips his trousers at an airport after he was confronted for wearing military camouflage.

The abroad-based hip-hop artist was seen pulling down his trousers and taunting those who had confronted him

It was alleged that he was being harassed for wearing a military camouflage, since he wasn’t a military personnel.

Without any care, he pulled down his camouflage trousers for all to see his boxers as he taunted those that had supposedly accosted him.

Speed Darlington who shared the video revealed that the incident had happened at an airport in Asaba.

He wrote …

“This one just happened at Asaba airport. There is nothing in the Constitution that says camouflage is a crime but the military at Asaba airport trying to enter me. I refuse & call my lawyer. I refuse to beg because I know i did not commit any crime on my way to @_peecee, this is me proving that you cannot embarrass me.”

Reactions have followed …

telitub_zz commented: “U want to embarrass the Embarrasser HIMSELF, someone that embarrassed a married woman because of 2k and wasn’t embarrassed to do it😂😂🥴nobody can embarrass this man.he wld embarrass you in the process 😂”

cardis___shades_nd_more said: “Baba werey ni Akpi 😂😂😂😂.. if I unfollow him make I bend 😂😂😂😂”

b._tyra explained: “Yes it’s stated under the law that if you’re not a personnel you shouldn’t be wearing their uniform. However every camo is not armies uniform. The style is different. How is it a uniform when it’s not the same thing?”

mercillicious.ken commented: “Onweghikwa onye isi di mma na this country 😝😝”

jasper_.ben wrote: “Nigerian army and misplaced priority”