Tapswap gives an update amidst alleged ban on Nigerians

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Cryptocurrency mining company, Tapswap addresses concerns about the alleged ban on Nigerians from using its app.

Amid reports from some Nigerians experiencing difficulties accessing the Telegram coin mining app, Tapswap clarified the situation in a statement on X on Friday, May 24.

The company stated that it has no plans to ban Nigerian users, attributing the access issues to technical challenges instead.

“Dear Nigerian community. We’ve heard concerns about limiting access to users from your country, but we want to clarify that this is not the case. We had to enable verification for the region from where DDoS attacks were initiated.

“As promised, we will disable this once our infrastructure is fully adapted. “We deeply appreciate every member of our community from all around the world and always welcome you here. Thank you for your understanding and support.”


How Nigerians reacted to the update on Tapswap ban

ojehstephen stated: “Nigerians are your biggest supporters. Know this and know peace.” 

love_ibanga opined: “All these ones na story. Make my tap tap no lost o. I don invest emotions already.”

winifred1_ articulated: “My fingers now tap tap on their own without my permission.”

smart_ech declared: “Me holding my hands now cause it’s already used to tapping, please rectify it fast, I cant hold it any longer.”