Tems recounts leaving corporate job to pursue music career

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Tems inspires many netizens as she reflects on leaving her corporate job to ‘find herself’ in music.

The beautiful singer shared this today with her followers via her Twitter account.

Another user on the app, @chinesegon, posed a question to people who left 9-5 jobs to pursue their passions and how well it has worked out for them.

Tems responded to the tweet, sharing throwback photos of her working a 9-5 job back in 2017, while revealing that it worked because of her total trust in God.

Since leaving the job, Tems has become one of the most popular and sought after artistes, singing alongside American musicians like Drake and Rihanna.

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Here are some reactions to her tweet

@maimun_aa advised: “If you no get any talent no follow tems ooo, sapa go too show you shege😂😂😂”

@DxddyUnruly noted: “See your shoe baby girl
9-5 reduce your steeze. Sksksksks skask”

@alainexeV2 wrote: “this is so beautiful to me.
i tell people all the time amongst us are singers better than pavarotti, guitarists better than clapton, people who have the potential to be game changers of any field trapped in wearhouse and sales jobs.”

@sir_mufasa stated: “Motivation for people with real talent if you like go and quit your 9-5😂😂🤣”
@NuJhayne added: “you’ve really come a long way. i’m so proud of your growth💜”

@Guchomili observed: “You’ve always dressed decent! That’s a very good thing.”