“The same promise you made to your former wives” – Netizens drag Sharon Ooja’s New husband As he makes promises to protect her

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The internet doesn’t forget, and the Nigerian social media space has proven that fact times without number.

In a recent video that surfaced during Sharon Ooja’s wedding, her husband Mr Nwoke could be seen giving an emotional speech to his husband and promising to protect her for the rest of his life.

While his entire speech may have been touching and emotional, netizens were more concerned about that one line where he said he would protect her for the rest of his life

A good number of netizens were quick to remember the fact that he has been married before, and they had a whole lot to say and relate with the speech he made.

Shared below are some of their reactions;

emeka wrote, “He will protect her and they will live in peace and harmony in Jesus’ name”

jaykaybeeh wrote, “Nigga addicted to weddings and nobody can do anything about it!”

thefoodnetworknig2 wrote, “The speeches in this wedding lasan can give Shakespeare a run for his money!”

aniberry22 wrote, “Repeated lines, I pray this last, Sharon is too sweet for this kind of package but love conquers all”

isseyhazel wrote, “At this point, we should just wish her well. She made her choice, and while we don’t have to like it, we should respect it.”

simbi_star wrote, “Try get one friend wey no Dey biased, thats not moved by money, wealth or material things just one wey go sha Dey tell you as e be gan gan cus mehn, God Il be doing you a great favor through that friend”

mhiz_onvil wrote, “Same promise he made to his former wives”

augusta_lamar12 wrote, “I see some Davido and Chiomas fans hating in the comments. They didn’t see a good wedding coming. Very clean and beautiful, no crowd. Too much crowd ruins anything beautiful.”

sasha_itota wrote, “”I will protect this one” he wasn’t protecting the rest??”

lilyvics14 wrote, “Omo make we Dey talk true oh .no be fav matter. Wetin really go wrong with three marriages self when be say na this one con legit pass.Abi baba just Dey addicted to weddings? I love her tho and wish her all the best .but make we no hear say ohhh.don’t come for me oh.I get right to my opinion”