There Is A Lot Of Things We Do For Our Veteran Actor That We Do Not Make Public”- Bose Akintola Spill

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Nollywood actress Bose Akintola has recently spill some fact about how the help many Veteran actor and actress and wouldn’t let the social media hear about it.

In a recent interview with Oyinmomotv, she started with that a lot of things we do for those people who were right before us, that we take as our role models and we won’t tell the world about it, is it sometime that you will wake up and they will call you and you cant decline, they way I do is how many of my other colleagues are also doing, and we are not putting it on social media.

Hitgist recalk that Mr. Latin, has revealed why the group is unable to provide assistance to some sick and struggling actors in the movie industry.

During a recent interview on 32FM in Ibadan, Mr. Latin disclosed that TAMPAN has already spent over N10 million on addressing health issues faced by actors and emphasized the association’s readiness to offer support.

However, he pointed out that TAMPAN is unable to assist certain ailing members due to their inactivity within the association.

Mr. Latin explained that these actors, out of shame, do not approach TAMPAN for help but instead seek assistance through the internet, radio, or television, because they know they were not active members, as a result, the group is unable to offer them the assistance they need.

“We always come to the aid of all active members. Since I became the TAMPAN President, we have spent more than N10 million on the actors’ health challenges. The ones you see going on radio or TV to beg for money are not active members of the association.” He said.

Many shower her with praise for their good gesture

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