“This guy is a legend” – Nigerian man earns 6.1 billion coins on TapSwap (Video)

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A Nigerian man has raised eyebrows on social media after earning 6.1 billion coins on TapSwap, a popular cryptocurrency platform where users can click to earn coins that can later be converted into real money.

He revealed this achievement in a post shared on his page on a popular social media platform.

In the post, the Nigerian man is seen driving his car with one hand while using his other hand to continuously tap on the TapSwap app.

A closer look at the app revealed that the man had earned over 6.1 billion coins on the crypto platform and continued to tap with the aim of accumulating more coins.

The 6.1 billion coins on the Nigerian man’s phone attracted the attention of many social media users, who flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions:

Nazzy: “Na edit..you dey 6.B but still neva enter mythic.”

ABWHITE: “tapswap can’t pay ooo bro , 6 billion is too much.”

heis_special⛏️: “my account was deleted today with over 21m coins.”

therealsweeper4you: “Boss, Tapswap is not reflecting in the Phantom wallet, please what do I do?”

Krisz: “He has a lot of invites so 6billion is very possible.”

Ikedi: “bro you the use VPN to boost your task them fit block bro.”

EFCC: “if them pay you finish Money no go reach us we dey 50M.”

Dominic Omovigho wisdom: “you fit tap trillions tapswap make dem no lunch am and you fit no tap anything make them lunch am next week.”

Watch video below;


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