“This guy is always Begging for S***x” —Trending Chat Of Davido And His Baby Mama Sophia Asking Her For S+++x Spark Reaction Online (Read)

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A trending chat of Davido and his baby mama Sophie has been trending on social media recently as it surfaces on social media.

She shared a chat between her and Davido which Davido was asking her for s+x on the phone and asking her to him when she got home.

It was also disclosed that the chat was part of the evidence that Sophia Momodu set to be used to counter the singer

Netizens fault Sophia that while will she released such kind of chat on social media because it’s something that is meant to be private.

LinderkeJi wrote: See screenshot of 2020 Whatsapp conversation of Davido asking Sophia Momodu for phone s3x which she included as part of her evidence in their ongoing custody battle

Read some social media reactions below;

Omalicha_peter23 wrote: Not her calling him Zaddy,she’s just setting herself up for drags,allowing a boy younger than you use you anyhow in private without showing you off 😂

Thisiskingx wrote: Where’s the begging part please ? He requested and she obliged ..Abi the chat no complete ?

Rhodaofficiall_ wrote: She’s a great mother but not really a good person, why air these dirty laundry outside? Let d father see his kid jointly!! If he doesn’t parent well u go back to d court, whatz all these tins fr? 🙄🙄

Nene_george wrote: Wow, she really came prepared 😮😂😂. Davido but why are you always begging for this thing nah? I can’t keep defending you!!!

Bright_r wrote: This shouldn’t make you deny him custody of his child though. I mean, both of you are adults, how’s this a problem?

Zeeeblisss wrote: Nooooo!!! This is childish!!!!! Your daughter’s father for that matter!!! What’s the essence of all this?? Now it’s obvious because he married chioma you are doing all this!!!

Frankugahphotograph wrote: But Davido Requested for it, she obliged  to it… and in all this, they are calling themselves boo, babe,  what exactly  does this has to do with paternity? Honestly,  I will prefer  the mom to have her, but this is funny  screen shots.  She is still in love with him, she is just angry. All of them go dey alright  last last..

Read the chat below;