“This is not nice” – Young lady disorganizes the face of an older woman who keeps starring at her phone inside public transport (Video)

created by photogrid

A viral video of a young lady and an older woman inside a public transport has surfaced online and by extension, it has got many people talking online.

In the video that has gained widespread attention across social media platforms, the young lady disorganizes the face of an older woman who keeps staring at her phone while they are inside the public transport.

The video featured a young lady making a TikTok video of herself and by extension, an older woman who was behind her was seen intruding on her privacy.

While the young lady was recording a video of herself, the older woman at the back was seen staring the the young lady’s video and refused to remove her face.

The young lady who is not feeling secure any longer swiftly turned it into content as she applied a feature that left both of them with a funny disorganized face.

The young lady however bursts into laughter as she is seen laughing so hard and the older woman who knows she has been caught is also seen laughing at herself.

The young lady accompanied the video with the caption; “You entered a public transport, and the woman behind could not get her eyes off your phone.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

iam_zaiiii: These children don’t have respect for their elders 😂😂😂😫😫😫 Do it again 😌.

l.j_deluxe_jewelries: Guyyyss if I wasn’t a Nigerian I’d be so pained mhen😂.

iam_jhessica: And she was still staring 😂😂.

iam_zaiiii:Do the dragon head filter that removes fire from mouth 🐉 🔥 😂😂😂.

smoove_dmd: That’s why life is like a door, you pass through the window and eat bread, but onions can never become chair even if antelope drives radio🙂.

billiondollarcollection: 😂😂😂😂😂Nigerians are a different breed for real.

uchendugenevieve476: And she was still staring. Didn’t she see her face 😭😂😂.