TikToker Peller asks Korra Obidi to be his baby mama on live video

created by photogrid

TikToker Peller, caused a stir online after asking dancer Korra Obidi, to be his “Baby mama” during a live session on Tiktok.

After Peller defeats Korra Obidi in a game during a live TikTok session, he subtly refers to his wish to be close to Korra and wishes her to be his baby mama.

Korra, a mother of two, was completely taken aback by Peller’s daring proposal to be his possible “Babymama,” emphasizing her beauty and his growing attachment. The mother of two even threatened to block him.

He however apologized for being disrespectful towards the dancer.

However, Korra joked that, per her age, she might conceivably be Peller’s mother.

When Peller, who is in his early twenties, learned that Korra is 32 years old, he joked that dating her would be out of the question, claiming that she is old enough to be his grandmother.