Video of goat fighting its owner over food causes buzz online

created by photogrid

A video capturing a dramatic confrontation between a stubborn goat and its owner has sparked a flurry of reactions online.

The video shared on TikTok by @anasthesia6 shows a woman cooking by a fireplace, locked in a struggle with her stubborn goat over some food.

Using its head to nudge the woman, the goat demonstrates a remarkable persistence, demanding for a portion of the meal being prepared.

Despite the woman’s repeated attempts to shoo the goat away, it adamantly stands its ground, even resorting to aggression in its quest for food.

“Cost of living affects both goat. Even goat dey fight for food, the video caption read.

Netizens Reactions…

@user3841548430248 asked; “But how goat go follow you cook finish you no go give am rice? E good?”

@yusfund said; “You fit borrow me the goat I just bought one knife. I’ll dash the goat a bag of rice.”

@Ezinne said; “That spoon the woman take from ground she use am turn rice. That’s why I no dey like to eat for person house.”

@Successful J said; “You nor go carry one fire wood take wipe am lost?”

@d young said: “Madam you must fight ooo. This one na friendly match.”

@Spain lord said; “This one no be goat o.”

@chibrosario reacted; “I had one like that before, a very lovely goat. My husband bought it for me.”

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Cost of living affects both goat. Even goat dey fight for food😂😂😂😂fypシ゚viral goviral trending

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