“What i will do if Liam turns out to be Mohbad’s Son” —Mohbad’s Dad Open Up

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Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba opens up on what he would do if Liam turns out to truly be his grandson after a paternity test is carried out.

The drama surrounding the Mohbad’s demise is a well known one among cyber users.

Following his demise, Mohbad’s father and his daughter-in-law, Wunmi haven’t been seeing eye to eye over Mohbad’s son, Liam.

Mohbad’s father opines that Liam doesn’t belong to Mohbad whereas Wunmi insists that the boy is.

While being featured in a recent interview with TVC news, Mr Joseph Aloba was asked what he’d do if Liam turns out to truly belong to the singer.

Mohbad’s father clarified his stance noting that he wants to ascertain for a fact that the boy is truly Mohbad’s.

He stated that if the test conclusively shows that the boy is truly Mohbad’s son, he would accept the result.

Check out reactions below …

sholaofafrica said: “I’m not sorry, but the man is not a father.. he his just looking for attention from other mumus”

dongachi said: “This man should just allow us rest …..Mohbad displayed and claimed the child as his own…whether it’s biological or not.”

labrynyth remarked: “This man has granted more interviews than mohbad an artist ever did”

creative_justiceO commented: “This man is one of those in-laws you should pray against”

ksolo_hitz said: “This man should rest since he is no more fighting for justice of his son. Na property dey him eye it’s obvious”

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