What Really Caused The Figth Between Me And My Best friend Yetunde Bakare – Actress Jinad Habibat Spill

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Nollywood actress Jinad Habibat has decided to reveal the real truth behind what inspired between her and her colleague Yetunde Bakare during an interview.

During the interview with Oyinmomotv she was asked how she felt given birth after seventeen years ago

She stated that she was very happy and she felt blessed that God added to her blessing with a child, it was God that did it that way, but I do tell God that I want to have more children, but deep down I know that God plans for us are different.

What inspired between me and my friend Yetunde Bakare is that i am someone that if something is clear in my mind but if you ho and bring it out again, it will make me agree the more.

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One damilola wrote: Hmmm single mothers life it’s not easy at all 😭😭😭 embarrassment disgrace front nd back I pray for both single mothers nd father’s that we shall eat the fruit of our labor Amen 🙏🙏🙏

One akanbi wrote: Something I feel like running mad bcuz of bukata, raising a child alone is not easy I don’t pray for it in my next life, single life is bitter.

One mobola wrote: Single life is not easy at all 😭😭😭😭….God I really need your help..my heart is heavy,and I’m hopeless 😭😭💔😭

One morayotemi wrote: Being a single mom is not easy ooo hmmm school is yet to vacant am already thinking on ao to pay September fees bcos dat one lasan dey alwz scare me like mad I pray God help me and everyone of us inshaallah Ramon 🙏

One amoke wrote: To be a single mother is not easy at all 💔💔💔💔💔God will provide for all single mother out there including me