“You are selling cloth of N450k for N35k” – Kogbagidi and Naijashimadun Track down and burst boutique owner who sell fake Zlatan’s new clothes collection [Video]

created by photogrid

Popular Nigerian music producer Kogbagidi, along with his acquaintance Naijashimadun, tracked down and exposed a boutique owner for selling fake ZTTW jerseys. These jerseys, which originally cost N450,000, were being sold for a mere N35,000.

A video circulating online shows Kogbagidi and his friend visibly upset upon discovering the counterfeit ZTTW clothing. ZTTW is a brand owned by Nigerian singer Raphael Omoniyi, better known as Zlatan Ibile.

On May 19, 2024, Zlatan announced the launch of his clothing brand and the opening of his store, ZTTW Shop. However, less than 24 hours after the launch, replicas of his clothing brand began appearing in the Aba market and spreading quickly online.

In the video, Kogbagidi and Naijashimadun can be heard confronting the fashion store in Lagos. They berated the store for undermining Zlatan’s hard work by selling counterfeit versions of his products. Reports indicate that Zlatan invested over N237 billion in his brand, only for boutiques to produce knockoff versions with the ‘ZTTW’ logo.

The clip went viral online, with social media users sharing their thoughts on the situation.

Some reactions are shown below:

ibegbunam_chinedu said, “If to say na my shop you enter like that,inside me and you,one person go touch ground,dead body go surplus”.

mr_silly11 said, “This is uncalled for but thank you for promoting the boutique anyways. I will be going there letter in the day to get my own 35k Polo. This country is getting hard day by day, imagine ordinary knacking 20 million and Polo 500k 😂😂😂😂”.

kizzyusd said, “If na so.. Gucci for dun arrest the whole of Nigeria”.

phat_bizzle said, “They are lucky they did not collect beating,.. selling fake clothes is not a crime,..harassing the seller is a crime!”

tufab said, “So with that 35k, person fit buy 10. 😂😂😂. Diff colors. Abeg give me dark red with purple brown. Which color una want”.

Watch the video below: