“You sleep with people’s husbands and yet comment on the wife’s page” – Angela Okorie calls out her colleagues

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Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has lashes out at her colleagues who are sleeping with people’s husbands, yet commenting on their wives’ posts.

Taking to her Instagram story, she questioned how they do it but her realness wouldn’t allow her to do such.

She stated that she doesn’t want to remember anybody today but she knows someone’s leg is trembling over her post.

All these actresses sef, una dey sleep with people’s husbands still dey comment for the wife’s page. I don’t know how y’all do it but realness no go gree me live that kind life kaii.
I dey come first I wan go chop basmati rice first.

I no wan remember anybody today o. But that thing e

Am sure someone leg is shaking now cos hmmm, I said I am coming”.

In another post, she noted how people might think she loves looking for trouble but people have been giving her bad name for a long time, so for now, people should manage her because she is ready to pull down every string holds of the devil.

“Y’all might think I like trouble but this muderfu*kers been given me and name for a long time. Evil atrocities, hate, lies have been done unto me. So this period make una manage cos I am ready to pull down every strong holds of the devil”.