“You’re already 30years old, Please go and bring husband” – Ooni of Ife tells daughter, Princess Adeola as she celebrates her 30th birthday

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Princess Adeola, who turns 30 today, has received a demand from her father, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife.

Taking to his Instagram page, the monarch expressed how grateful he is for the fulfilling life she has lived and prayed for God’s guidance on her.

He noted how when she turned 10, he would talk to her about school and her future and when she turned 20, he encouraged her to listen and understand the importance of morals and well-being, even as she sought independence.

Now that she is 30, he is talking marriage to her, as he demanded she brings him a husband.

“Princess Adeola, Aanuoluwapo, Atutunini, Bamdefe Ogunwusi, Omo Ojaja II. I am truly grateful for the fulfilling life you have lived. May God Almighty continue to be with you in all your endeavors. Amen!

When you turned 10, your father would talk to you about school and your future. At 20, he encouraged you to listen and understand the importance of morals and well-being, even as you sought independence.

Now that you are 30, you are a grown woman. Your father senses that you no longer wish to be advised as independence has finally set in.

I talked 10 to you and I got your subtle independence behaviour in return, I talked 20 to you and still got your near obvious independence behaviour in return. Now I’m talking 30 to a grown woman, so go and bring husband to daddy o…

With love from the throne of Oduduwa.

Congratulations, and may God continue to guide you in all your pursuits”.

The Ooni is a proud father of five. Princess Adeola is first child from his teenage years. He has a son with his estranged queen, Naomi Silekunola.

In 2022, the Yoruba monarch surprised many as he publicly celebrated the first birthday of a daughter he welcomed with one of his concubines.

Following their divorce, Queen Naomi Silekunola revealed that her husband, the monarch had other women in the palace, and the Ooni had proven it to be true as he celebrated his daughter in style, likening her to his late mother.

In March, the Ooni announced the birth of his twins with his third wife Olori Tobi Phillips and expressed gratitude to his creator.

Olori Tobi, had also expressed gratitude to her Maker as she noted how God gave her double for her trouble. The twins have since been christened according to the Ile Ife tradition and culture.

The King is married to six wives: Olori Mariam, Olori Elizabeth Akinmuda, Olori Tobi Phillips, Olori Ashley, Olori Ronke, and Olori Temitope.

While marking his 48th birthday and seventh coronation anniversary, Ooni clarified why he married Mariam Anako and the others, explaining that he tried making some changes but he couldn’t because of the traditional heritage of Ile Ife.