“Burnaboy is a Mummy’s Boy” – Oritse Femi shares secrets about Burnaboy and his mother (video)

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In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, veteran singer Oritse Femi made a shocking revelation about Burnaboy.

Oritse Femi said that Burnaboy had come to live with him for some time, and it was because he had issues with his mother.

According to Oritse Femi, Burnaboy had said that his mother was choking him, and not giving him space.

Oritse Femi’s statement is in direct contradiction with Burnaboy’s relationship with his mother in the public eye.

Burnaboy’s mother has been his manager for years, and she accompanies him to most of his shows, both in Nigeria and abroad.

Recently, Burnaboy bought a luxury car for his mother in celebration of Mother’s Day, and the internet went wild with the news.

Despite the fact that Burnaboy has been involved in some public controversies over time, his mother has never been one of them.

In a recent statement from Burnaboy to his fans, he stated the reason why he doesn’t have a child yet, citing that his parent’s love for him was strong

This is the first time Burnaboy is addressing concerns relating to him not having a child, even though there have been several questions in the past about it.

Burnaboy has a complicated relationship with his fans, relating to the fact that he has often had squabbles with them online, showing disregard as to whether cancel culture will affect him or not.

Regardless of the fact that he has had issues with his fans, Burnaboy still has one of the strongest fan bases in Nigeria.

The unending support he has gotten from his fans has made him one of the most sought after artists of his time, with sold out concerts and awards to back it up.

Burnaboy has also climbed up the music ladder in the foreign scene, with an impressive fan base that packs his show arenas whenever he has a concert abroad.