“ The best revenge for tox!c people is to ignore them”—Gospel Singer Lanre Teriba Finally React after his 9th Baby mama called him out for being Irresponsible (Video)

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Popular Singer Lanre Teriba has finally voiced out concerning the trending video of one of his baby mamas who recently called him out.

He revealed the best revenge for toxic people is to ignore them and cut them off by being silent when they are making noise.

Netizens fault him that he lacks self-control and that it’s why he put himself into all this mess.

The best revenge for toxic people is to ignore them and cut them off by giving them silent treatment without any warning. Always be a good-hearted person but never waste time to prove it. Okikiola Taylor. (Kurunmi D1st)

Read some social media reaction below;

Bambulucutie wrote: Self control is underrated, I remembered back then when a friend of a course mate was bragging to bed this man, I responded “he is a gospel singer” and she said “I do not care”. Fame not only brings women but makes them desperate but self control and self discipline helps. I pray that God provide for him to cater for those children and continue to sing because God doesn’t look at our sins before he uses anyone. He picks us by his GRACE

Segungoldbiade wrote: It’s been decades that Lanre Teriba has been trending. This is a special GRACE❤️. I celebrate you sir🔥

Bukolapeace.ade wrote: Too many panel of judges! Leave them both to sort themselves kilode? Were you there when they were having it good?

Kglorysings wrote: ❤️❤️ please don’t judge.
Let be concerned with what God is using him for in Gods kingdom.
No one is perfect.

Vicky0224 wrote: You guys should leave him alone and go and face ur own issue too we are facing a lot and we knw that deep down

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