“My father-in-law is a liar, he just wants to take money from you”- Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi blasts Abu Abel

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The widow of the late Mohbad, Wunmi Aloba, has slammed Abu Abel and Adeshina Kabir Hayat for accusing her of being involved in her husband’s death.

Abu Abel who is a popular real estate tycoon and TikTok influencer Adeshina Kabir Hayat, made claims that Wunmi was involved in her husband’s death.

Wunmi took advantage of a TikTok show hosted by Adeshina Kabir Hayat, which featured Abu Abel as a guest, to clarify and confront the misunderstandings surrounding her husband’s death.

After Wunmi joined the show, she directly addressed Adeshina Kabir Hayat in her first question during the audio call on her entertaining TikTok program.

She questioned the host on his hostility towards her and her son, Liam Light, daring him to provide a coherent explanation.

According to her, She had begged her father-in-law, Mr. Joseph Aloba, to use the age-old Yoruba customs of invoking Mohbad’s spirit in order to exact justice and retribution on those accountable for her husband’s tragic passing.

Wunmi said, however, that Mohbad’s father and relatives had steadfastly refused to comply with her request, obstructing her attempt to seek spiritual revenge.

In her words, “After everything I’ve been through with my husband, how can I use my hand to kill my husband. Everything my father in law said is a lie. I even told him to use juju to find the killer but he refused. I have told Baba Mohbad to do DNA test but he keeps running because of the cost. The man is using scope; I know him more than everybody. A clear conscience have nothing to fear.”


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