“Despite My Condition, Having My Own Kids Is A Miracle, Because God Loves Me So Much – Gospel Singer, Yinka Ayefele Thank God For Grace (Video

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Yinka Ayefele, a well-known gospel singer from Nigeria, expressed that it was a miracle for him to have children despite his spinal cord injury.

He emphasized that men with spinal cord injuries might not have the ability to father children, making his situation uncommon.

Ayefele shared this information during an interview on the show called ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask,’ which is hosted by content creator Bae U Barbie.

He also addressed rumors that he had “bought” his children, clarifying that he impregnated his wife and they welcomed triplets together.

The host, “I’m shocked you said you have three beautiful and amazing kids. My question is, how did you do it?

Ayefele replied, “How did I do what? Curious that I impregnated my wife? How did I get three kids? You would have seen pregnant women before. I impregnated my wife and she got pregnant and had triplets.

“You thought I bought them? I don’t understand what you mean. I know you are curious, you want to talk about my spinal cord injury. Anybody who has a spinal cord injury might not be able to impregnate a lady. Yeah, it’s a fact, it’s one out of a hundred.”