“My story is from grass to Grace; I used to drive a old Toyota Camry before but now I have three expensive cars” – Influencer Ola of Lagos spills (Video)

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Popular Instagram influencer Ola of Lagos has provoked comments on social media as he reflects on his humble beginnings in his most recent interview.

Ola of Lagos, a roadside auto enthusiast from Lagos whose life story is a prime example of Grass to Grace, recently spoke on Wazobia FM Lagos, and it would be impossible to ignore what he stated about his experiences.

Over the years, Ola of Lagos is well known for the slang “It’s plenty” and also for using the word “Just” for expensive cars, and houses among others, however, during the interview, the interviewer disclosed that he should clarify the word “Just”.

Responding, Ola of Lagos said not nothing is actually expensive to him stressing that if he calls a car N4billion, it is not expensive, it is just that the money is not available adding that if the money is available, someone would be able to buy it.

In his words; “If they call a car N4b it is not expensive, it is just that the money is not available, if the money is available someone can buy, the prayer is for God to bless us, so that we can afford what we want, nothing is expensive to me.”

Ola of Lagos also during the interview speaks on how he overcame insecurity when videoing cars showing their plate numbers as he delves into how his passion and skills help him so far.

Speaking on his success so far, Ola of Lagos utters that he started with Toyota Camry Muscle and now has three expensive cars namely, Range Rover, GLE, and Dodge.

Ola of Lagos further said that he is still aiming higher in life as he wishes to buy Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ferrari among other luxurious things of life, and by extension tells the interviewer to believe in God.

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See reactions below;

emma.nuel2257: You used to drive Toyota? Like Toyota is a poor man’s car.

9jahoodlum: Nothing is expensive na u no just get the money.

adedapooni: Who asked you how many cars you have? and who asked which car you once drove? All the influencers,I only blame those that give you people undeserved attention.

neon_backdrops: To all we Toyota guys..we go reach there🙏🙏🙏.

obaolu1: Nothing is actually expensive truly, when you have the money 💯.

olivepraise: Interviewer you no allow us hear the full gist. That’s Very unprofessional guyyy 😂😢😢.

timidey4you: Happy for him. I will never be poor in my life.