“I do not think about the bad thing Aunty Ramota said about me” Agbala Gabriel says as Aunty Ramota visited his church to apologize

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Small size actress Aunty Ramota has finally went to beg popular pastor Agbala Gabriel after she mistakenly insult him about the house he built for her

HitGist recall that few weeks ago Aunty Ramota stated that the door to her house do they know how much she bought it, that Agbala Gabriel money is not among, that it was her hard-earned money she used to buy it. People are saying rubbish that he should not help her build her house.

When pastor Agbala Gabriel did his birthday she took cake to his house, she gave him money. He is an ungrateful person, he cant find an helper till he die.

She decided to go to his church on Sunday to seek forgiveness for her ill words to him, while she was given the microphone to speak, she said that the church should help her beg Pastor Agbala Gabriel, that he is her helper, she did not insult him, it was the people around her that made up the story.

Many netizens reacted to her words

Oluwa bunmi wrote: Don’t let Anty Ramota pray, to avoid Agba yin Oni Dale 😄😃😂😂

Abimbola wrote: Draw a line to any relationship with people coming to your church not all of them are there for your good, be very careful

Olayinka wrote: Pastor, you don’t look and act like your age, you’re fully endowed with wisdom because people can frustrate if care is not taking and if one did not let it go… Spirit of God will not depart from your life.. keep up the good work

Faith wrote: Una wahala too much, same matter everyday.

Damilola wrote: Pls collect the mic from her  before she misyarn oo .. we are still on “agba yin oni dale and E ma dagbaya oo”

Micheal wrote: Appology indeed hmmmm

Folashade wrote: Keep moving, forward ever, back ward never sir

Temitayo wrote: I pray Agbala Gabriel will not learn in a hard way.

Josephine wrote: Agbala Gabriel God will bless you and others more IJN.

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