“My husband is a very jealous and Greedy man, he does not like to see me with anybody apart from him”- Muyideen’s wife reacts after her husband took her to human right

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The beautiful wife of Muyideen has finally speaks out after her husband takes her to human right for her to leave the house Pastor Agbala Gabriel built for them and follow him.

She was seen at pastor Agbala Gabriel church where he called her to come and speak, the pastor asked her how she met her husband.

She said that it was in the church where she met Muyideen, she was further asked if was she forced to come, to which she replied that no, she came for prayer.

She said that she and Muyideen met as she was passing by his shop whenever she wanted to go and charge her phone .

She further stated that Muyideen started disturbing her that he really likes her and want to marry her.

Many netizens react to her words

Ayantade wrote: Woman and church
See everywhere full of woman
It is well ooooooo….
I keep saying it business everywhere
Church is just like other businesses….

Abdulhamid wrote: But normal normal if Muideen no get house and shop, this lady no fit accept to marry her😂😂😂. Most ladies won’t marry someone like Muideen. But the house and shop entered the woman eyes especially when dey give her the keys to the shop, from church member to shop owner overnight. God is wonderful

Akinbola wrote: This is commendable so if Mr Muideen is asking her to come back to him if she’s Still interested then he’s right. If she loves him she’d go back if not she should call for divorce.

Oluwole Odunayo wrote: You people don’t believe that if a woman doesn’t see your future that is going to be bright, forget that she’s going to love you. Every woman want a better home,not struggling home with everyday wahala.
For me,I don’t think the woman will go back, because the reason why she marry him is that,she believes that No more struggling for Muheedin and she’s a landlady already 😎.
Now that Muheedin left everything behind and go back to where he was coming from,Omo no way there again 🤣

Idowu oluwasegun wrote: Agbala Gabriel need to ask the question in public if you have been following the trends from the beginning, because they said Agbala Gabriel gave the lady to Muiden, in which Agbala Gabriel was not around when Muideen approached the lady.
The lady needs to clarified it in public.
That is what is on ground now.

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