“I Dont Want 50k Just Give Me One Dollar I Will Appreciate It”- Aunty Ramota Say After Her Lover Beg Her To Dance For Him, Fans React

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Small size actress Aunty Ramota has generated several reactions online after she shared a funny video telling her friend that she perfer to take one dollar than collecting fifty thousand naira.

In the video Aunty Ramota was asked that she is supposed to dance for her fans and what she was doing wasn’t nice, she replied that she had told him that it was about her mood, he then told her that if he gave her money she dance.

Aunty Ramota asked how much he wanted to give her, and he replied that fifty thousand, and she quickly answered that that money, she said that they should give her one dollar that she will appreciate it.

Her words generated reactions from her fans which made many of them laugh at her for not knowing the value of money.

See how fan reacted

One am bhig bc wrote: From how u hold the key I know u later buy that car honey am proud of you ❤️😂

One dorothecaroline wrote: Farida umekopa wapi cover la sim hukawii kwenda gym ukianza kudaiwa 😂

One fidilis wrote: Oohhh my babe 💝 😂

Ine gabriel wrote: Wait o,  Aunty Ramoo…. Chelsea get Ankara jersey?

One olusumnibola wrote: Iyen na daaa, Iyen na nice😂

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