My son was k!lled by his mistress not wife, Liam is not my grandson – Mohbad’s father speaks (Video)

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Late Mohbad’s wife, Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba is one of the trending conversations on social media following the singer’s father interview making the rounds online.

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad, continues to share his side of the story following his son’s passing as his latest interview with Oyinmomo TV can’t be left without talking about.

During the interview, Mohbad father made it known to all and sundry that his late son was killed by his mistress while asserting that Wunmi is a promiscuous person and full of lies.

Maintaining his stands during the interview, Mohbad father said that Wumi must do DNA test before Mohbad is buried and then he would disclosed who killed his late son Mohbad.

He added that Liam is not his grandson stressing that his family don’t have someone like Liam who has a bowleg. Mohbad father further added that his grandson’s name isn’t Christian-like nor does he possess his family traits.

He also noted he doesn’t where they get the name Liam as the name he wanted to give Liam was Victor noting that Liam is a Muslim name.

Mohbad father also speaks on how Oba Elegushi, SAM Larry, and others threatened to kill Mohbad who later died two and half months later. He also stressed that his late son Mohbad had written a petition about the king and others before he died.

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@cryptoworldNG : That child isn’t mohbad son if not why to do DNA test come turn story 👀👀👀🤷🏽‍♂️.

iamdx2:  The Dad knows more ,that is why he is pushing for the DNA , Dad don’t worry you will get justice for ur son unless God is not the God that created heaven and earth.

@emrayiam:  This Mohbad death case, has no ending. It just keep going. But that Wunmi should let them do DNA at least to clarify the whole world that Liam is Mohbad’s son. Simple

@Tonyjay: now this story Dey clear thank God the man is speaking up a lot of secret will be exposed 😐, my question is why did the lady not do DNA test 🧬 in other to clear out her name and son 🤔.

@deslilym : Wunmi was cheating on mohbad, why hasn’t she done the DNA to shut this man up?

@Lion_Heart_OT; Liam is a short form of William, not a Muslim name. This man sha 🤣 But Wunmi should take Liam for DNA if she truly has nothing to hide. She’s been avoiding and stalling DNA for too long, she should do it and vindicate herself if she’s truly innocent.

@deuptowntrading : Mohbad’s father must stop giving interviews for now.🤦🏾 The name ‘Liam’ is not an Islamic name.