‘It pains me A lot when I see people calling Carter Efe ugly’—Carter Efe Girlfriend reveal why Carter Efe is not Ugly

created by photogrid

Nuella, the girlfriend of Carter Efe, states that he is not ugly and is always pained each time she comes across comments of people saying so.

She revealed this is an interview with him where she complimented his handsomeness.

According to her, Carter is a very fine man and she gets scared sometimes when he dresses up to go out.

Nuella says it gives her anxiety because she feels other women would be noticing how good he looks and would want to take him away from her.


Some reactions to the video below


iamnasboi wrote: “Lol you’ve actually not seen Carter in person. Very sweet black boy”

omalichawa__ asked: “No be the Carter we dey see so? Abi it’s another Carter she is talking about”

haroldwonder reacted: “He don use spit cover her eyes 🥲”

healthertainer stated: “She didn’t lie. When not in his craze character, he is cute. Let’s not lie na”

softgirlajebo added: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, no be for my eyes Abeg 😂😂”

b_unique claimed: “He’s a fine man actually, especially when he smiles. She loves him and that’s all that matters 👏❤️”

cecilia__remi advised: “See just have money guys 😂 If he was a random broke guy on the mainland it’ll be a different talk”

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