“Why I Keep my Relationship Off social Media” —Actor Olumide Oworu Reveal why he is hiding his new lovers face away from social media

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Notable actor, Olumide Oworu has opened up on his relationship as he reveals why he has chosen to keep his partner’s face hidden from the public.

The talented movie star was invited to the ‘Surviving Lagos’ podcast during which he was interviewed by Susan Pwajok.

He revealed that he feels like he has found the right one for him, but he is keeping everything hidden because of the industry he finds himself in where everything is tried to be taken away.

The show host, Susan Pwajok teased him by asking if he was scared of his girlfriend being snatched when he reveals her face.

Olumide Oworu dismissed this by noting that he is a very secure person and doesn’t think anyone can snatch her from him.

Their exchange went:

He said: “I feel like I have found the one [my soul mate].

“The industry that we are in would take a lot from you. So in the tug of war, I’m trying to hold on to something to myself.”

Susan asked: “Would you say you are scared of showing her face before some people would snatch her from you?”

Oworu stated: “No, I’m not scared. I dare people to try her. I am a very secured man.”

Watch the video below: