“Karma is real you never see anything yet” – Yomi Fabiyi Shade Toyin Abraham following bullying from Nigerians

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Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has quietly disparaged Toyin Abraham, a colleague.

In the wake of Toyin Abraham getting mercilessly dragged on social media for allegedly one of her bullies, Yomi took to his Instagram page to share a message about karma.

He stated that there is no help fire after death as whatever anyone does in secret will be done back to them in public. He noted how karma doesn’t forget, and some will receive what they give to others in their grave or through their kids.

He emphasised that if one is secretly doing evil and people are praying for them, their handwwillcurses them secretly or openly. He admonished his fans to avoid staying in darkness to throw arrows into the light.

In what seems like a message to Toyin, he stated that creating criminal blogs or indulging innocent fans and social media strays to hurt and bully others will always have consequences.

“Karma is just too REAL

There is no HELL FIRE after death. Whatever you do or is done in secret will be done back to you. Everyone’s hellfire is on earth. Karma never forgets anyone. Just that most don’t confess, some will get their Karma in grave, or their prayerless offspring will inherit it.

Avoid staying in darkness to throw arrow into the light. CREATING CRIMINAL BLOGS or INDULGING INNOCENT FANS AND SOCIAL MEDIA STRAYS TO HURT AND ATTACKS OTHERS will always have consequences.

Ijo to ba d’ekun ati ba eniyan je that is the beginning of your own hate and resentments.

Abo oro lan so f’omoluwabi,………

Remember to sleep tonight”.

Surprisingly, many via his comment section concurred with him.

One Bukky Fabiyi wrote, “Very true

One Fada Isarena wrote, “Ummm, wise word

One Olayiwola Folake wrote, ‘It is well

One Eniayenfe OT wrote, “Fact only

One Zahra Saleesu wrote, “So you mean Toyin is Gist lover? And what is happening to her now is karma.

One Sijibomi 777 wrote, “Karma is a household name”.