“We’re Not Robot, We Are Human Too”– Veteran Actor Yinka Quadri Blow Over Actress Toyin Abraham Social Media Bulllie

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Veteran Actor Yinka Quadri has lend his voice in support of actress Toyin Abraham and also against socially media bullied that recently happen between Toyin Abraham And X-user Earlier Today.

He revealed that there should be a team-up between the actress and actors so that any form of social media bullied will not be accepted and also oppression by social media user will be taken serious

Because celebrities too have blood flowing through their vain and they should not be treated as if they don’t have any life and value.

Read What He Wrote: It should be noted that “One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning”.
“To be before warned is to be before harmed”..
Public figure have the right to freedom of choice and of expression, right to vote/or support a candidate of choice in any election.. Making political decisions shouldn’t warrant cyber bullying and harassment
Just of recent, fake report of my death was posted by a toxic person … If I now arrest such individual and take further actions, people will say it’s bully and abuse of power…
Celebrities are often violated in ways that is considered inhumane and awful.
So therefore, celebrities should be free to take proper action to protect their mental space…

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Alhaji Yinka Quadri Masomo

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