“Side Chick Who Tried to Destroy married woman Home”— Desola Afod Mock Motilola After she Called Her Husband Out (Video)

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Desola Afod, a social media influencer and wife to actor Kunle Afod, has replied to actress Motilola Akinlami after she called out her husband online.

Desola has stepped into the rift between Nollywood actress Motilola Akinlami and her man,

Kunle Afod Social media got heated last night after the actress called out her colleague for blocking her acting opportunities in the industry

She noted that this had gone on for five years, and it all started after she decided not to be friends with him anymore

Desola seemed oblivious to the situation as she was seen cruising in her car.

The viral clip had shown Motilola emotionally ranting about how Kunle Afod keeps blocking her windows of opportunities.

She noted that it began a couple of years ago after she ended her relationship with him. Her decision preceded Desola’s mission to sabotage her relationship with Afod. But in return, she got blacklisted.

In an Instagram post on her page, Motilola warned the actor’s wife, Desola, to contact her husband, who recently gave Baba Wande money from fans, and tell him to leave her alone.

The actress also pleaded with the public and top officials in the filmmaking industry to intercede kindly.

Desola Afod responds to Motilola Akinlami

In a viral video, the movie star’s wife danced and sang along to a Yoruba song directed at hypocrites.

Her caption to the video promoted her business and urged people to patronise her.

Watch Desola’s video that has got people talking below: