Why I regret Sleeping with a married man – Saida Boj

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Controversial influencer, Saida Boj shares her views on financial responsibilities in relationships and how dating a married man made her regret her decision.

In a recent interview on the Honest podcast, Saida Boj known for countering opinions of the social media critic Verydarkman opened up on her relationship experiences.

She mentioned that during the talking stage, her interactions typically don’t last more than a day because she intends to ask for financial support by evening.

Saida also revealed that she regretted dating a married man in 2023 because he didn’t provide her with financial support. She added that her major reason for regretting the relationship with the married man was her pity for his wife.

In her words, “I was with this guy last year and he used me; he had money but didn’t give and he was a married man. I regret it so bad because I always feel pity for married women.”

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